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Avid Disk Pads


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Hey i am really skint at the moment and saw these pads that are quiet abit cheaper than the normal Avid pads.

I was wondering if any one has used them and if they are any good?

Normally wouldnt think about it and would just get originals from tarty but i am really skint.



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Here's cheaper again: http://superstar.tibolts.co.uk/product_inf...;products_id=28 (Though according to bikemagic the pad material sometimes breaks off the backing - Superstar weren't the only manufacturer people on that thread reported the same problem with though, and I'd recommend their Magura pads over anything else I've used on my trials bike).

Avid compatible pads cheaper here too: http://www.discobrakes.com/?s=0&t=0&am...2&p=85&

Having tried disk pads from both these manufacturers, the cheapest pads are both acceptable, but not as good for bite as OEM organic pads...

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