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Portsmouth 07/03/09

The Stig

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Great pics man, i like the one of you standing on top the the hill :) looked like a good ride.

Ah that wasn't me but my mate :) The picture there does not give credit to the gap he does before the drop.

Me, Prawn and Mowgli was out today. Didn't go to where you were though :P

Ahhhhh damn it would of been cool to catch up with Luke and sir prawn :)


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The Zhi is awesome, it's shorter so i have been trying out some different stuff like manuals and shit, however i can still backwheel adn gap as far as the Adamant so all good :)

I sold the Adamant a while back to fund my car then about a month ago got the Zhi off Sam Doman it is truely the best bike i have owned by far.

Thanks for the comments maybe arrange a saturday ride in portsmouth next week? :)

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