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Im In Love With My ......

stunt man t

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i was out on the nottingham ride yesturday

when i tryed a gap, i made the gap, by only having about 4 knobs of the tyre on the bench i was gapping to

i wouldnt of made the gap if it wasnt for the monty eagle claw tyre (i dont think) being so grippy

any other tyre would of sliped off im sure of it :P

which has made me think of this topic

does anyone have a part on there bike that they love and think they wouldnt ride better without?

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Well done on nailing the gap :D

cheers mate :)

If i understood your illiterate post correctly. I would have to say proII and brake set ups, the best bits on a bike are those you just put on, never touch or service and take advantage of :)

yeah sorry about that dude

spelling and grammer aint my strong point :$

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I love my rear Eagle claw as much as you do! :rolleyes:

Also I love my eagle claw bash because it helped me 100500 times. I even crashed rock with it one day.

well, I Love the whole bike but these are the best parts

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My trialtech bars! Who's with me?!!

I are!

I'm in love with my wheels, cranks, brakes, rear tyre, chain, pedals, grips and bar/stem. I'd prefer a stiffer frame and fork and Continental Mountain King Supersonic front tyre but other than that it's pretty much sorted.

My 2 years and 3 months old Tensile FFW which tommorrow is finally moving on with the rest of my Echo. Will be sad to see it go! I've had it on my T-Pro, Zona Zip, 06 Echo Lite, 07 Echo Lite and the 08 Echo Lite. Never missed a beat. :(

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Probably my 05 Zoo bars. Wouldn't swap them for anything!

Then my Profile hub. So reliable, as in it doesn't skip. I'd hate it if the bearings weren't so cheap to replace! (I get a set for about £5) They break so easily.

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