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Control 09 Chainstays


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Could somebody who has that frame built up tell me if it'll take 378-379mm chainstays?

Dropout length and brake mount reach is the important bit.

edit: and to Tarty - is the head angle really 73 degrees? Deng mentions 72.

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If you run 18:15 it should be 377mm chain stays. To get it 378/379 you're going to have to have a slightly sloppy chain or possibly use a half link and change the gear ratio, I haven't played around with one yet so I can't be sure, I could probably try to work it out some time.

I doubt you'd have a problem with the brake mounts position if you did manage to use 378/379 chain stay length as that's only 1-2mm difference from what the brake mount position is intended to be used for so there will still be some adjustment in the mounts especially as the seat stays are quite parallel to the dropouts compared to other frames.

As for the head angle, it depends what fork you use. You'd get two slightly different sizes if you measure with Echo SL forks or Echo Urban forks.

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Thank you guys, that's been a great help.

Now it's time to decide if a short or long will be better :)

Ads, didn't you weigh these frames yourself and find that they are lighter than the claimed Echo weights?

I think the difference was around 40g, does that apply to all frames?

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