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Ozonys Xr26


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Right, i am thinking of getting one of these. Just wanted to know if anyone knows of any cracking etc, or how long people have had theirs without any probs.

Any feedback would be appreciated, i like the geo of these bikes but dont want to spend out on one if they are renound for breaking in a certain place!

Anyway post your comments then il decide

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I feel they are slightly on the "over built" rather than "under built" category. They could have gone a tad lighter, but the way they have done it I consider it a very strong frame. I havn't heard of any cracking or snapping yet anyway.

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Shit Kyle where did it go? Wasn't down to all the lightening work was it?

drop out fell off but re welded it lol and still riding it.

ali as far as im aware it snapped because stan didnt run a hanger bolt in it causing it to crack. but its fine now was welded in london when we rode

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