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veri nice ride guys :o

I really enjoy that!

the guy with orange tucana is amazingly :o !Gu guys are good though!maybe I'll see some of yours at romanian comps in nearly future!


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Great riding! By the way XTS has got the same frame as me, damn! Left footed and has got similar style :giggle:LOL.

Кстате XTS пробывал тебе пм написат, почему-то запрещяет. ;-) Помню ты мне один раз написал как то, ответить не смог :(

Кто-то кого капирует? Как тебе рама? Я на прошлой неделе её получил. Намного удобней чем мой бывшый адамант

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Is he always ride like this?Or trying it just for the fun or some problems with the brakes or what?

Trials with no brakes seems pointless i think.He definitely has good skills for doing does kind of things brakeless!

brakeless natural riding is pointless because it's not possible ( I mean if you want to ride at a high level)

but street riding with no brake is pretty cool...we have seen akrigg, ben travis, rowan and now this guy...I start to really like it

brakeless taps are shit hot....so smooth (Y)

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