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Gear Ratio?

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The standered gearing for trials is, 22 front 18 rear.

But most people who run a 18 tooth front, go with 15 or 16 tooth rear.

This means you will be peddling like mad over a distance but, this you get the short bursts of speed for trials.

im shur i will be corected if im rong :P

hope this helps

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As always with these types of things its personal preferance.

But the simple way to work out whats right for you is to apply some maths to the issue...for example 18 divide 12 = 1.5.

so for every turn of the cranks the wheel will turn 1.5 times....so if you want more wheel turn put less teeth on the rear and more on the front.

But like I say its down to personal preferance and how you ride.

hope this helps some how (Y)

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