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Dan S First Video.

Dan S

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Here it goes. My first video after a year of riding. Really nothing special in here. Mostly I did it to give it a start, to try some views, editing ideas and so on.

Also I can add that I was not able to push myself to the limit as it was rather cold.

Helmet was left at home since I'm a bit slow)

I would like to see any type of comments.

Thank you


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nice riding, love your bike.

i'll be honest (some people might not agree.) for a 2.35min video there was only bout 1 mins riding.

if it was me editing, i'd shorten the clips (take out the set-up moves i.e. bouncing on the front wheen for 8secs before the move.)

other than that...impressive!!! :)

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ah u gayyyy, iv already started editing my vid with that song haha

good vid, but yea too much wasted space in it, like waiting for you to do each move.. liked the ending though :)

and great song xD

sorry for that.( But I'm in love with this song.

I surely won't waste space next time as you say.


Got a lot of style and power still to see from you I reckon.

yeah. I'm a better rider in summer. I will show my best

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