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Avid Juicy 7


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Anyone here know how to bleed one? The back brake on my NS has just stopped working, when I pull the leaver it goes all the way to the bars, and nothing happens. It only just works when I pump the leaver several times. Any help please? :rolleyes:

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Go to the Avid website and read their instructions - you'll need the correct bleed kit to do it right too.

It sounds like the brake needs the reservoir topped up more than a full bleed though. Rotate the lever so the reservoir cover is level. Pump the lever until the brake bites and zip tie it in the pulled position to the bar. Remove the reservoir cover and drip DOT fluid into the reservoir until it is full. Take the zip tie off the lever and pump it (Move the lever slowly - some levers (not sure about Avids) squirt oil directly out of the reservoir into your eyes when you pull the lever suddenly) looking for air bubbles coming out of the lever piston into the reservoir. If the brake feels OK, all the bubbles are gone and the bite point is right then replace the reservoir cover, rolling the diaphragm onto the surface of the fluid first to stop air being trapped there and screw it back in place.

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