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Highest Drops!


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Hey Sam Here, im just starting and i wondered what sort of hights to start dropping off first, Plus please tell me about your highest drop offs and what they were off (Y)


id say about 1.5ft to start dropping off first...gives youa feel of what the bike does in the air when it leaves the edge...

My biggest drop is around 9ft i think

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Mines about 20 ft because i only ever ride big......

:D Just kidding! More like 5 ft, im a bit of a whimp when it comes to heights! Start off on 1-2ft first buddy, really start to get a feel of the bike and technique before you start going any bigger or it will just end in tears! (Y)

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As people have said make sure you have the technique before going for biger drops as it is very easy to mess up.

My highest is about 5 ft not too sure what it was off though :P and i was landing on grass (A)

Adam (Y)

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why does it matter, the skills in getting up something..

Not really. Theres some pretty big drops in competitions and if you land badly and roll out of section or put your feet down its all over. So its pretty vital you can drop 6 foot or so and land smoothly

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