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Front Free Wheel


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I don't have a trails bike yet. I don't have the money. But I have been looking into the setups that other people are using right now. I noticed that there is a lot of mention of front free wheels. I understand the concept. I live in the US, and I have never seen this done. I haven't seen any real trials bikes. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using the front free wheel? How much of a cost difference is there in running it or not running it?

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On all bmx's the freewheel is on the rear hub. However on most mod (20") trials bike it is on the cranks.

The smallest usable freewheel that was out when trials became popular was the 16t ACS. This meant to get a gear ratio that people wanted would mean having a 24t cog on the cranks. However the 18t freeweheel was put on the cranks and a 12t cog on the rear hub. This makes a lighter system.

The biggest advantage to buying a bike with a front freewheel is that it's easily upgradeable as most trials parts are designed around front freewheels. The main advantage to them in general is that they're a light weight set up.


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