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Scott Gibbs

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Do a small endo (lock front brake at very low or no speed and lean forwards a little) and then use your bike as a lever, keep leaning back when the rear wheel hits the ground and then it's just a matter of practice and getting the feel for it.

This is how I learnt :)

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You could start by learning to balance with your front wheel on something like a milk crate or beer crate. Once you have the balance sorted try pulling your front wheel up so you are on the back wheel. See if you can find the balance point (Remember to keep your pedals parrallel to the ground), Once you have found that then try hopping the back wheel up and down. It becomes more like a rocking motion with your ankles and the balls of your feet. When you feel you are losing your balance try and drop the front wheel back onto the crate and then regain your balance and try again.

You can strengthen your calves and ankles for this by standing on a step facing up the steps, with the balls of your feet on the edge of the step start to drop and raise. Basically a calf raise.

Another way to learn the basic hopping motion is to try doing little hops with both wheels flat on the ground. Do it with your brakes fully on. This will get you used to hopping motion.

Hope i have helped.

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