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The Swine Thread


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We didn't have one yet, or atleast one i've seen.

So here, we go, discussion on the virus.

Keep it on topic, this is fairly relevant at the moment.

End of the world, or just scaremongering?

Discuss away.

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Big to do about not much, just my opinion. Giant over reaction.

Good to play it safe, and it sucks that people die from flu strains like that every year, but they're doing their damnedest to give us the fear.

Bring on the ratings!

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Loved the headline on BBC news the other day 'SWINE FLU HITS UK', with 'I couldn't get out of bed' as a quote underneath. Brilliant.

Yeah. I think I've had it for at least 5 years.

I'm half way through typing a loads of balls about this at work for TF (I do it on word and paste it so it looks like I'm doing worky stuff) but got sidetracked late this afternoon. I think it is highly exagerated, but still sort of serious. It's sensationalised to sell papers etc, although even the WHO is on their second highest alert level. There are 'top' scientists (not just quoted in The Mail) saying that it could be a bit shit.

My employer has just bought enough Tamiflu for the entire workforce. Bit overkill hopefully :P.

Night night TF! Watch those bed bugs looiike.

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Nice, this is going to waste so much time at the GP's, every OAP is going to think they have swine flu!!

Everyone who is suspicious that they have contracted swine flu are being urged to stay indoors and gather advice from NHS direct and such, rather than visit their local GP to prevent the spreading of any such case.

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level 5!! once it gets to level 6 where all gonnna die!!

My level 11 will own your ass :P

Agree with the consensus though, just scaremongering for more media ratings. There's no way some crappy flu is going to kill though. At the very worst it'll be a few days in bed playing computer games and even then the chances of me getting it are about 73783474678946896547896389689377894677894689389234689234895569568989349023892390

8257902578 to 1.

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The only reason the flu spread so fast through Mexico was due to the fact that the first confirmed case was that of a woman who went door to door for some reason...

They calculated she'd been in contact with about 300 different people since she'd been feeling run down.

Flights to Mexico and what not have been cancelled now in an attempt to stop the flu from coming over to England. Either way, our health care system is probably better than that in Mexico (my God, what am I saying?) and since the flu has spread, a drug has been released to prevent / cure the people most at risk / with a light form the flu.

The NHS have ordered something crazy like 32,000,000 facial masks to help lower the risk of spreading the flu, although they've been proven not to be as good at preventing as first anticipated, as proved in Mexico.

Either way, more people are going to die.

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