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How Much Have You Spent On Tartybikes?


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Random I know, lets see who's the big spender here! Log into your account and total up the orders, easy.

Mine comes to £370.04

Log in? it's a shop sku. you don't login to shops.....

I know what you're talking about, but every single order I've ever made with tartybikes has been over the phone.....

Very rough adding up of the largest bits though:

HiFi+ forks £400

1st Ashton £250

2nd ashton £1900

Atomz forks and hope brake £270

that totals £2820, plus probably at least another grand over the years on other little bits, I've had loads of orders for like £80 and £120.

Scary to think I've spent about £4k with them!!!

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If that avatar of yours isn't of your avatar of your avatar of your avatar of your avatar then I am sorely disappointed.

OT: £0. I think. I can't remember whether any of my ES4 was built with them :S

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