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Review About Tnn 18t Steel Bashring

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So start ... :) I ride a try all cranks long time, not so long ago, I crack the left crank. I decided to buy midleburn. I'm buy from tarty midleburns and 18T bashring. All came! When I took in hands, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of both products. BUT!!!:rant: Bashring not sat on the cranks!!!:rant: I had to deal with hour by adjusting the splines on bashring. When I started working with rasp, the coating begins sliver. Quality of steel or hardening leaves much to be desired, it is very easy to rasp.

Here is photo with rasped splines and slivered coating:



Okay, with that clear ... Bashring set to cranks! Go ride!!!!:bigthumb:

I have already talked about the softness of the steel.

Here is the cog after 10 hours of riding:



Dear TNN, so it should not be? Really?

On the third day of riding happens another ugly thing! I jumping sidehop to corner, my front tyre slip and I'm hit the bashring. The wall was concrete and the hit was weak, but a couple of teeth bended:wtf: I'm use 118mm truvativ gigapipe sl bb. Bent teeth led to this:


I believe that you are required to improve the quality of this product.

Best regards. Michael.

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well mine is f**king amazing !!!

fitted perfectly on the splines and has been hard as nails (and Ive been bashing it hard on the brakeless bike !!) no bent teeth - no wear - just a really cool thing !

I did use a brand new chain though...

I would drop TB a mail ? see what they think...

EDIT - Adam is too quick for me ...

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