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Riser Bars? Which Ones? Help?


What are the Best Value Riser Bars on the Market!  

54 members have voted

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    • Monty 219 £23.49
    • Pazzaz £29.36
    • V!Z max bar £44.04
    • Rockman 7046 £44.04
    • Trialtech Sport £47.96
    • Monty 221 Ti £53.83
    • Try-all Rage '08 £54.81
    • Rockman 7075 £57.74
    • V!Z Pro720 £57.74
    • Onza Carbon 30" £58.72

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Hi Guys....

Been pondering on getting riser bars for my stock for a while now and now that i have my YaaBaa i think its about time i got some...

Wanted to hear your personal preferences really, what ever they may be. I have the try-all '08 bars on my mod and they are the nicest bars i've had but tad short for stock i think...

My personal favourites are the: Rockman 7046 and V!Z Pro720 at the minute.

I know the trialtech bars have been popular and if anyone knows upsweep and backsweep figures for them and even the try-all bars that would be great!!



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I was silly and didn't read the post saying you ride stock so I voted Try-All Rage '08. But I only recommend them for mod as they are only 27.5" or something. Saying that though they feel REALLY nice.

But for stock i'd say the Trialtech bars.

If you click on them on Tarty as well it shows you like half the stock riders sponsered by Tarty use them aswell! :P

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Trialtech is very nice, I found them to be slightly flatter so I ended up rotating the bar a bit forward, hasn't really affected my riding. Though if you want something with more sweep, I'd look at V!Z or something similar.

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The v!z pro 720 are very nice i have them on my 07 python long i put lots of forward rise and it feels good for street. :rolleyes:

Exactly the same mate :P

ive got the ViZ bars and they feel really good.

they are exactly the same as the monty 221 ti bars but with more length :)

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out off all of those bars id say try all rage the 08 ones, but thats my opinion for mod. and for stock defo trial tech easily the best bars out there on the market and imo a very reasonable price. if i ever go stock there on my hit list.

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Just bought some Monty 221 ti's second hand. Although I'm not a very experienced rider I definatley rate these bars. Light, comfortable what more could you ask. Length is fine. I'm quite broad shouldered and have no problems here.

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Why doesn't anyone use ordinary risers anymore?

These fire eye bars I have feel perfect, are strong as with little weight penalty and are fairly cheap.

Not enough upsweep at the ends for me Matt, feels liek the end of the bars are pointing down.

Another vote for Trialtechs up in here.

yeh not high enough for shit...normal risers

maybe azonic doublewalls?

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