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Hope Tech X2 Or V2 Or ?


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Hello children, men and ladies (if any no not a sexist comment)

Whats the go with these tech v2 or x3 levers, and pro models? cant say anything bad about my carbon ti and dont plan on changing but are these in the same category as the mono trials or intended as a better alternative? heavier? Lever design looks REAL nice being flip flop, easy adjustments, ergonomics etc and calliper seems slimmer. But then the pro model uses the same lever but diff calliper.

Anyone got feedback on these? Noticed on dannys site under his bike specs hes got down tech v2 2 front brake.......just wanting to know if they are special :)


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If you want a brake for trials, stick with the mono trial. The tech lever has extra adjustments, but is heavier and also feels quite spongey when you pull it hard. The new calipers (X2, X4) have been designed for XC/Trail use so again won't be as good as what you have already.

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