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Giacomo's Shoes?

Rob Brodie

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At koxx days giacomo was wearing some rather trendy le coq sportif shoes but cant find them anywhere.

ive googled le coq sportif and giacomos shoes ect but just cant find what 'model' they are.

they also had his name on them which made them even cooler

heres a pic


and no there definitely not hebos

any help is appreciated


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Er... i dunno about Giaco's shoes, they looked kinda custom. But Le coq sportif's they definately wern't. Are you getting confused with Gilles' La Sportiva shoes (similar to these)? La Sportiva are a pretty well known climbing/outdoor company.

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His dad makes there shoes for them i think as he makes the ribos

not so sure because the link that nick posted was definately the ones that giles had

im almost certain they were le coq's

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i wish he would get a shirt that's similar fit to the shorts, or vice versa, cos a the moment he looks a right plonker!

As soon as you wear lycra your a plonker... its the most disgusting image ever, even worse than skinny jeans! :sick:

Shoes look rather funky right enough, wouldn't wear them though. :-

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