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New Tnn Pads

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Had a very quick blast on Stan's Hydroxx at koxx days, and didn't really get a feel for the hold on the flat bit of ground, but the bite was really good, and the hold looked really good too.

Will be getting some ASAP!

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It's looking like I am going to have to get some. Thanks.

hi guys, ive been riding with le, the guy who made them (im riding in oz at the mo)

and obviously le is using them on his bike, they seem really good, they seemed very rigid and strong, also they are longer than the normal magura pads.

one other thing i noticed is they are well loud! if you like that kinda thing.

also they come in wicked colour compound, le had green and purple ones!

im goin to get some over her, so ill have them for when im home!


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Hello again, does anyone know if they hold okay in the wet.

Thanks, Elliott.

I don't know how much different the compound has changed (if any), but when I had the old plazys they got considerbly worst and did't hold very well unless you really pull down the lever. That might just have been down to my grind at that time though, it was a light but sharp grind.

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haha, would say that that was openly admitting there was a different compund....but i dont fancy the arguement that'll come with that statement :P

Pretty sure everyone in the world other than Tim will openly admit the 2 compounds arn't the same.

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These are truely the latest pads on the market and with the most advanced backings.

Tried near enough all pads on the market and nothing compares to the solid feel these have.

TNN are continuously creating new compounds to test so expect more from them.

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Ok so I received my pads today from Tim @ Expressive bikes (thanks tim, ur a champion) and I gotta say....yes they are that good. Im not even running a grind and have been using roc greens in normal black backings. They held real well and loud as fu@k (bite was ok) and going to these, i noticed a difference even without them bed in yet! Compound is spot on, can only get better on a light grind but im not gonna bother, its better setup than other grinds ive rode.

Took them on a 2hr ride tonight and

1. Bite is very, very sweet

2. Holds unbeliveaby well. Rocs i needed to squeeze quite firmly to get them to hold well but these, hardly any effort at all.

3. Shit they are loud!!!! I thought my roc greens squeeled, these put them to shame.

Also when holding they feel much firmer on the lever bc of the cnc backings, and they look real sweet too. Yeh u can cut a block of aluminium up to suit but this is like a work of art in comparison, and nice detail with the engraved logo. Gussets do a good job of keeping the strength up while shedding even more weight. Good on you Lee, mighty fine product. 4 thumbs up (counting 2 big toes as thumbs here) (Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)

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haha, I don't know much about the compounds used other than the ones that seemed good and the ones we could bite chunks off with our teeth :rolleyes:

As a matter of interest... could you pop out and weigh them for me and PM me back ;) ... :D

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Whaaattt, how come Adam? Thats mad! What about when people wear them out? Or if they already have CNC backings?

I'll buy a set of refills if they bring them out, but I'm not buying new backings, my brakes good enough already.

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