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You Just Know When.

mad max

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Sorry to add yet another topic to the endless side hop topics there are, but i need some help.

The last few weeks i have been trying to side hop from back wheel away from my forward foot. My problem is i don't know when to release the brake. I can do three pallet's when i don't release but obviously this is the wrong technique. I have done the same old research but i just keep getting "YOU JUST KNOW WHEN".

When i do release the brake and try to put some power in i go about 10cm off the floor. I can't even hop over a line. :(

Please help.

Please refrain from YOU JUST KNOW WHEN ANSWERS.

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It's all about feel in my opinion;

When setting up on the rear wheel, get your positioning correct and also stalling before your pre-load into your rear tyre (which gives you the bounce for the sidehop). The time to release the rear brake is just the same as you would for a gap. When your in the pre-load position and your ready to kick the pedals, thats the time to release the brake, cause' obviously, if you kick the pedals and don't release your rear brake, your not gonna' go anywhere. :)

Found this image in the wiki on here; Pre-load position is below;


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I'm not so good at sidehops as I'm in the learning process as you but I think I can help you.

I tend to leave the brake just in the end of me ''preload''

This is when you are hopping on the rear and you do the last hop before you lift up the whole bike.

During that last hop I tend to crouch more and drop the front wheel fairly down compared to the previus hops that are just helping me to keep balance.

When the front wheel is low enough, (I have folded knees and streched arms in the same second and I'm ready to jump upwards), I just leave the brake and push hard.

I actually leave the brake lever when I know that there is no reason to lower my front wheel further...just when I'm ready to jump upwards, after my preload.

However, I have still some problems with the move.Almost always I land my sidehops to the rear wheel so I can't have the extra support the front wheel can offer.

As a result, my sidehops are still small and I haven't tried on an object of my bar height yet.

I really like sidehops so I would like to build confidence and gain some height gradualy! :)

Hope I helped man...and hopefully a more experienced rider will tell you something more accurate.

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Thanks there are some interesting points here.

When i do a little hop forward i think I'm not lowering my front wheel enough so when i pull up theres nothing there. I have the technique from two wheels but it feels so much different from one.

As you are all probably aware i always ride on my own so telling me how it feels is always beneficial for me.

Thanks for the replies. (Y)

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