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New Echo 2009 Products

Ben Swales

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Deng has published some 3D images of the new 2009 products from Echo, Gu and Zoo, including a new 20" for younger riders, 2 new freewheels and some updated classics, click the photo to see the article:

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Ummm don't mean to sound rude but why would you post it up when it's already on the Echo website?

I'm not liking any of them designs though...maybe they will look a better in real life? What is deng up to? Someone is lacking some design skills!

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Is Deng completely blind to every other competitor in the trials brands?

These new models are hardly anything new, they are just slightly adapted old models, Deng needs to cut out the crap and sort his act out.

I assume he's going for the old and overused; bare metal and lacquer finish, quite possibly the blandest and boring looking frame on the market.

He's still got 4 bolt and disc mount on 2 different frames, another big fail.

Deng had the right idea but cutting a lot of the colour ranges from his different brands, now I think he needs to cut the brands that don't sell and merge them to what the people want, look at any other make of frame and you'll see that they only have a few models, its not needed to makes lots of different frames that only have negligable differences.

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can someone link me to where i can see the real things? I have been searching for about an hour and no luck :( Or post them up on here :)

+1 , And i am liking the new looks of the zoo lynx 20" , Does anyone know when these frames will hate the market?

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