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Cutting Steer Tube On Forks Will It Ruin The Warrenty

mountian goat

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hey all about to fit my new forks (zoo pitbull) and need to cut the steerer down. Just wondered if this would ruin the warrenty i.e they crack and i want to send them back and they would accept them becuase the steer tube has been cut

it doesnt say anything on the warrenty slip i got so thought i would ask you guys

i dont think it does but want to make sure

thanks for looking


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Just make sure to have the end of the fork within 2-3mm of the top of the stem with all the spacers and the right headset fitted. I have a pipe cutter that I find great for getting a perfect perpendicular cut on steerers, but if you don't have this, use an old stem or a marker/masking tape to mark the line you want to cut along before you start. You'll need a round file to get rid of sharp edges inside the steerer and a flat one to do the same for the outside edges to stop the inside of the stem getting scraped as you fit it on.

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I melted through the bottom of a boat when I used the grinder to cut down my DOBs :giggle:

Haha its my mates Dobs that we got the flames on, was well awsome, only thing was i was having so much fun i cut them wrong. oh well, it was fun while it lasted!

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