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Modern Electronic Music.


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Now I'm into what most people consider the more abstract side of electronic music, but enjoy the more mainstream stuff as well.

....Or at least - I DID.

I am, of course, referring to the new Prodigy album, and Pendulum's In Silico.

Not only was I massively dissapointed with the musical content, the overall sound of both albums is f**king horrible.

They've both been so over-done and hyper-produced that they just sound completely out of place, and horrid.

Is this what most electronic music in the mainstream is like now? Crystal clear and sidechained to f**k?

...And if it is, do you like it, or prefer it to a slightly lo-fi'er sound? I mean like a bit of hiss in the background, to fill in the blanks etc.

The snare drums all sound bloody terrible, too.

I realise this may be the wrong forum - but I know for sure there's a few enthusiasts on here, and thought I'd ask :)

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I was personally really quite impressed with the new Prodigy album when it came out

Pendulum on the other hand have been going downhill for years now, though a fair amount of it still isn't electronic ;) Live with a full band I'd still watch them live, though they're certainly nowhere near where they were many moons ago

The crispness and clarity have been boosted to fit more with the styles people are proving to want more recently, so it's to be expected. Pros and cons really

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Either you missed the point, or I didn't make it clear.

The music is just the preference of the person. That's not what I'm on about.

It's the mastering stages. The sounds are all FAR too crisp, and it just sounds overdone... Y'know - like the special effects part in Space Oddysee 2001?

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Bands/Musicians, like Prodigy and Pendulum have wanted to make stuff that everyone can relate to because of the following reason:

Their older stuff was a lot more "hardcore" in a way than it is now, but to make their music appeal to a larger audience, the record companies made them mix & write in a different way. The VIP mix's you see with Pendulum are the non mainstream mix's - which I enjoy a lot more!

Effects wise: it's just all mix'd for radio 1 - which is crazy compression.

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Cool. I was sort of hoping it wasn't down to the artists' choice.

Understandable for those reasons - but I much prefer the dirtier sound :P

I like a lot of bass, but the radio mix's have f**k all.

As I said, VIP mix's are what the artists wanted released - listen to them and them only. :P

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aener, would you be able to give an artist as comparison, something that you would call real Electronic?

I love the Prodigy's old stuff, but I don't like anything from the new album, even trying to force myself to like it.

Pendulum are brilliant, I think they've done the right move in going mainstream by broadening their genre with "In Silico", now I wouldn't class them as just Drum and bass, its rock (well almost metal), electronic, and just a greater appeal than just drum and bass, caters for a wider variety of audiences.

And I personally love In Silico (everyone has their own tastes).

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Wow wow wow...

At no point did I say real and not real... I just said it the new mainstream stuff sounds horrible. (Meaning, in my opinion.)

Let's get that cleared up right a way :P

The sort of sound I'm really into is stuff like Amon Tobin, Autechre, and ESPECIALLY Chris Clark and Venetian Snares.

Here's a youtube, but bear in mind the bit of the music I'm talking about will have mostly gone to shit with the youtube compression :P

Chris Clark - Indigo Optimus

Venetian Snares - My Half


On the note of Pendulum - I'm dead opposite you :P

Really liked the D&B exclusive album, and the rocky one doesn't appeal to me one bit - but again, just to clarify, that's not the part I'm talking about ;)

EDIT: Gah! How is youtube embedding done on this forum? It's been SO long since I've done it.

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Failed attempt at a codebox, ignore.

I think a lot of the modern attempts of electronic are the bridge between what the mainstream audience believe is popular music, and classic electronic styles. Obviously not replicating one or the other.

If that makes sense?

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