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well its all set i'm going out to guernsey on the 12 may to work for about 6 months so i was wondering if there is anyone who wants to show me the local trials spot to st peters port, is there anyone who fancys meeting up sometime, i will hopefully be riding most evenings?

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Hi Phil

If it's Guernsey you mean then there are really only two full time riders; my flatmate Jon (Papa Manual) and Myself.

Judging by your post you'll be in St Peter Port? Which means you'll be living walking distance from us. We're out riding as much as we can so will definitely show you all the spots, Ive got a wee van so we'll show you the whole island.

Fingers crossed I'll have my new bike by then too.

Do you know where exactly you'll be staying? Who you going to be working for?

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yeah it's guernsey (note to self must use spell checker :rolleyes: ) the hotel is called dunchoille and the website for it is http://www.dunchoille.abelgratis.co.uk/

the company i will be working for out there is lewis electrical whice is working under a firm called secure IT in a building called QE2 or something like that. i think i'm heading out wednesday now :-) riding every night sound good if you boys are up for it, I'd like to see the whole island,

what new bike are you getting? is it a 26'' is there anything you need me to bring over for you?

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That's pretty close to use, and it's right opposite a school that's pretty good fun to ride.. I can't promise I'll be out EVERY night due to shift work, Jon's out more than me at the moment but as soon as my new bikes here it'll give me a kick up the ass to ride more!

New bikes a 24, so we'll both have inspired but all the spots over here are suited to both riding styles, plus Im up for a bit of natural to improve my balance and fitness if that's what floats your boat!

I doubt I'll have my new bike by weds but I should be getting my revel welded (for the second time) so I'll have a 26 till that comes.

As for bringing anything over, it's all cool.. we're sorted for parts, just bring yourself, your bike and a happy go lucky attitude and it's all good!

I'm a day off on Weds so could pick you up from the airport if you wanted? Take you to the hotel then we could go for a ride in the evening?

Either way I'll PM you my number so you can buzz me up.

Take it easy, Sam.

I wanna come. Purely for the Granger...

That works on many levels.. :shifty:

Oh yeah, also there is a guy who rides with us a fair bit on a Mod.. He's pretty much a beginner at the moment but hey, it's all good!

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Aurigny or Flybe are the only two.

If you go down to Portsmouth, Poole or Weymouth you can get the boat with Condor Ferries and you can just wheel bikes on. No hassle of packing them up and it's cheaper.

If it's all too pricey then I wouldn't bother; there's the tour to look forward to anyway :D.

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Just bring hand luggage with all your clothes and stuff then stick your bike in another bag for the hold. When they ask if it's a bike just say no. There's a few bike bits in there, but not a bike :P. Why should you pay extra when it's taking up the same amount of room and not being treated any differently?

Boat is cheaper, but a bit of a mission in the end. It's £58 on the slow boat (8 - 12 hours) leaving Portmouth at about 9am and returning overnight to Portsmouth at 5pm. You can pay £15ish extra for the fast ferry (2 hours or something) but that's from Weymouth or Poole.

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well its all set i getting the ferry out first thing wednesday morning, but i think the lads are on about going out in to town/local pub wednesday night so if you fancy a dance your more then welcome to join us :-) other then that i'll meet up with you on thursday if your free for a riding session?? hopefully see you soon


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i tried to phone last thursday but no one answered, i've been riding about 3 times already, mostly on the rocks which seem really good. i'm off to the cinema tonight but i'm up for riding tomorrow if you fancy it. this is the first time i've been able to get on the internet as i've cracked my laptop screen the first night i got here :-( hopefully try and get it fixed tonight. i send you a text later so you've got my number :-)

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