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Interesting Conversation At Work Today...


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  1. 1. Would you ask a total stranger on the street out for a drink?

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Following on from a conversation I had at work today, I wanted to see what you guys would do.

I was asked if I would go up to a total stranger on the street that I liked the look of, if they would go out for a drink with me. It was said, that according to the law of averages, if you asked enough people, eventually you would get a positive reply. Question is though, would you do it?

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cant say ive ever done it whilst sober,whilst drunk its been done, generally in a club or a bar, although did it once on the street outside a bar in manchester, ended up with her turning it round,(bearing in mind it was 1am at the time, and the number of places we could get into, to get a drink, arent that many at that time (casino, area 51 etc)) with why dont you come back to mine for a drink, I ended up getting my hole each weekend for about 3 weeks with her, so on that basis it works.

A lad my mate went to uni with, who I got talking to, whod been in the army for a couple of years, and done a season in ibiza, says he quite regularly employs the tactic of going out with his mate, and one of them will walk up to a girl, and just put it out there "would you be interested in sleeping with my mate", he says 95% of the time it doesnt work, 5% of the time, he ends up in there with a girl whos clearly going to put out, but if you got the bollocks to walk up to most of the girls in a club, your quite likely to find one whos willing to sleep with you that night. Reason they get each other to ask on their behalf, is it means if the girl who he asks is disgusted, but shes got a mate whose interested in either of them, it means theres a chance either of them could get it, And also it means if the girl who his mate asks for him says no, thats no way to treat women etc, or just turns him down, it still allows him to walk in there, and follow it up, being all apologetic as the well mannered gentleman.

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I wouldn't do that because of the initial phase of asking them out.

However, I wouldn't mind having a drink with a stranger so long as somebody arranged everything and just take it from there.

A friend of mine does this quite often but then she's really outspoken and can't keep her trap shut lol. Lovely girl though.

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No way and I think that 9/10 of those people who put yes wouldn't do it in a million years.

I usually get with girls through "in's" like friend of a friend or whatever, which is why i don't do amazingly in clubs and shit like that, because I'm a great talker, not a great dancer lol

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Kinda gone it twcie...

Once when I went out with a friend, he brought another guy with him, I'd never met him before. Due to some circumstance, my friend had to leave...so I asked the other guy if he fancied going to another pub and we did. Had a right laugh and now hes one of my closest friends.

Another time I was out with a friend, and I lost him in a crowd - neither of us could find each other again so I walked off. Realising I didn't have enough money on me for a taxi. I said 'Oh for f**k sake' (or something along those lines) and some guy asked me what was up.

I explained and he said I could go for drinks with him; so I did.

He offered me to kip on his sofa that night in some student housing, about 20 minute walk from Derby city centre. I got there and 3 other people lived in the house - we listened to a lot of music, drank more and played various games; it was an excellent night!

I left early in the morning when I got a lift home - I can't remember his name (Nathen maybe?) but without him it would have been a long walk home.

But generally, if someone asked me to didn't look too much of a nutter, I'd accept - makes life a bit more fun doesn't it?

Edit: Make that 3 times, just thought of another.

Completely pissed out my head at home with a mate and his missus - they left and I walked them to the front door. I was stood on the front garden talking to them and noticed a couple sat near my house.

My friends left and, in my completely wasted mind, thought it would be a splendid idea to invite them in for a drink. I staggered up to them and asked; the guy replied "Nah, its fine thanks" but the girl said "Awww, come on, don't be boring" so they ended up coming in - the guy obviously didn't like me, being dragged into my house against his will.

We sat watching tele and did the whole 'Ice breaker' meeting (I remember insisting they tell me one interesting fact about themselves). I got more and more drunk and passed out on the sofa with them in my house.

They let themselves out and all that...although the next day I woke up with that 'Oh f**k, what the f**k have I done' feeling. I checked the house and nothing was damaged, or more importantly, stolen.

Lesson learnt from that experience, but non-the-less, it was interesting spending time with complete strangers and getting to know someone new who you have no connections to :)

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Last year I was riding home from town on my motorbike and I had ran out of petrol. This was about 12 o'clock in the morning, no where was open except a 24 hour petrol station about an hours walk, or an hour and a half with my motorbike. About half way there I remember a van pulling over and a bloke getting out about 15 meters ahead, I didn't really think anything of it and walked on, (this was at about 1am). He approached me and asked if I wanted a lift, saying that he was a keen motorcyclist himself and had been in the same situation before. I declined and he offered again, in more of an aggressive tone. Again, I told him I was alright and thanked him for the offer. He opened up the back of his van and then grabbed my arm as I walked off again. I dropped my bike and tried to rip my arm away from him, as I pulled back he got me in a bear-hug and lifted me up (baring in mind I'm close to 100kg). I headbutted him in the face from behind and he dropped me and fell back. I turned punched him in the face and kicked him in the groin, he went down shouting he was going to slit my throat. I grabbed my bike and ran as fast as I could, then ran through a housing estate, literally could not breathe when I got to the petrol station at about 3-4am.

Generally though, if someone asked me to go for a drink with them, as long they didn't seem like a f**k-up or a weirdo I'd accept. I'd probably ask a stranger as well thinking about it.

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Completely off topic...

Reminds me of New Years eve last year. Me and Danny were walking to his sisters at about 9pm along the main road. The path isn't very well lit and there's a long row of bushes separating the path from the school. Danny was walking closest to the bushes and I imagine the shadows of the bushes meant he was pretty much unseeable from the road, I was walking closest to the road meaning I would have been visable. Anyway, a Vauxhall Cavalier comes speeding along the road and slows down right next to me and Danny, we just carried on walking. 4 men get out the car - 3 from the back and 1 from the passenger door. I notice one of the men is carrying a metal object in is hand, my guess is it's a knife. Feeling a bit insecure I ask Danny to move round to the other side of me, closer to the men. As he does so, I'm pushed into the shadows and he'd then be visable to the men. The second Danny's in the light the men all turn round, run and jump back in the cars before pulling away...

Anyway, I couldn't.

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1st time i did was an epic fail haha, i asked a girl out i saw at the cinema, she said no ive got a bf, i without even thinking turned to her and said "what about you" LMFAO needless to say she said yes then fobbed me off with excuses when i text her lmao, its f**king hilarious looking back at it lol

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