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Guess Who's Inspired

Rob Brodie

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Gonna guess TRA

you party pooper

yeah its tra's he's riding 24" now,


TRA says:

"I wouldnt open a new website without an surprise . It seems that ive turned a little more feminine, because i remember telling Neil Tunnicliffe that "spins are for girls". And now i have started riding my 24" Inspired bike on which i will do spins and various feats, but i can promise this much, there wont be much feminin about my riding!

Reasons for swapping to 24" streety style at the moment is still a little blurry , but hopefully i will be able to explain this with a video, but this is a video i will take my time to produce, no more crappy stuff. But i can of course tell you this much that this might be the variety and fresh blood i have been searching after , time will tell. And hey , 24" is fun ! "



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lame, one of my favorite powerfull rides will now be trying to coppy danny mac. great.

He won't be trying to copy Danny Mac at all. TRA is good enough to not have to copy anyone. I'm thinking there'll be more trialsy stuff and more powerful stuff.

EDIT: Danny's already done anything so it's impossible for some of his moves not to be repeated.

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