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N.m.d.2009 - Notrials Cut


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At the first of this month we had another trials contest within a bigger 3 day event in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

We have a Photo Gallery for you to check out here

I also made a vid. In the last part the sun was down and the florescent light bulbs were messing with my camera.

At 3:46 there's a bail, but the rider is allright:bigthumb:

Here's the Vimeo and


Thanks for watching!

Comments appreciated.

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:lol: Show off crank flip fail.

I think some of you lads need to stop practicing side hops and learn some balance. :P

The Crank flip guy stopped riding a couple of years ago. He used to ride elite, but now he "raced" in Amateurs Cat., so he was making sure he was 5-ing every course.

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