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Secrets Ride Sunday Gone.


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lol...no it was fine.i was out in the rain on it yesterday so it should be.i bloody told you that you had to come down but noooo.yes get your arse down there.

It wasnt my fault man! I wasnt driving, next time am at me dads i will get him to drop me off. It looks awsome like!

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Hey Craig, its a long time since I've been to secrets or anywhere near there to be honest. One of the best natural places I've ever rode, dont know why I haven't been back.

Me and Brett are on new bikes now so I'll get him to get in touch with you and organize a little ride. Maybe in a couple of weekends? 6th December?? I'm sure Willis will want to have a lok throught to and so would Drummond but he has broke his finger!

Let me know mate.

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its my favourite place to ride.you'd actually see me ride lol.its one of those places that you ride at your own level.i can always take you next time.

what ever mate, we will get something sorted!

Cool pics, what frame is that? :S.

Echo team 09....best bike i have ever rode, seriously its unreal!

Secrets made me horny, but your front brake took it away, naughty Craig!

Good to see you out on the bike dude :D

His front brake its unreal, So was the disk though! haha

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anyones welcome.its tidal so its very hard to pick the right time if you havent rode before.i'll have a look at the tides.i can only ride sundays too.its really slippy in places right now so quite fun too.adam left his moistness last time he was there!

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