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26" Or 20"

liam jefferys

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im wanting to start trials biking but i dont know what size bike to get help?!

All depends on on your ride style and what is more comfortable for you i suppose, if you've previously ridden BMX 20'' would be the way to go i think, and 26'' if your into mountain bikes..

Hope it helped ! :)

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I started on a 20" had it for a few month and just really couldnt get the hang of it, definatly felt to small, i rode bmx as a kid but got back into mountain biking recently, jumping ect..

i got a onza hitman today and love it ! learnt more today than I ever did on my 20" wish i would have saved up at first and got the 26" ..

so from my regrets I would recomend having a go on each just to see what you feel most comfertable with :D

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I'm a very very short guy 1m 60cm.

I rode for 12 years motorbike trials.

Last year i tried for a 20 but this bike seemed to me very small compared with my Montesa 315r.

Soon i sold my 20 and get a Yaabaa 1499 whith I feel too much better...

The tall is not important for me. It's more with which bike do you feel better.

Anyway, this topic it's recurrent, you can find, if you search, a lot of information in this forum.

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