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Hi, I Need Validation As Im Organising A Trials Event And Want You All


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My names Joe and im one of the rangers at Cuerden valley park, but also a rider myself (downhill and freeride, but dabble in trials) and im basically looking for riders willing to ride on the course throughout the day (22nd may 2010)

I will be setting up the course which is still being planned out, so suggestions of what people want can be pm'ed to me or email me at unjustdnb@hotmail.co.uk.

Atm weve got scrap cars, big tractor tyres, big varying logs.....big big big.

the address of our main office and site is :-

Cuerden valley park trust

The barn

Berkeley drive

Bamber bridge



so google map or sat nav it and if your willing to travel then let me know

the more interest the bigger the 'peg' ill be able to aquire at the fair so get goin.

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Sounds interesting dude! We are based very very close to the park (just off Station Road in Bamber Bridge) so if you wanna come down for a chat about ways we could drum up some interest just let me know (Y)

aaaaaah nice one man, are you open weekends? if so ill try and get in next weekend and see what we can sort out, cheers =)

making topics about getting validated wont help you get validated

lol, all im trying to do organise an event to help the scene round this area, if thats okay by you that is ;)

I voted for him, I haven't voted for you.



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share the same view...

Definitely up for a trip there if some people are up for it locally, maybe hold an impromptu competition?

a competition is on the cards ;)

if your all interested then show your support in the events section and i shall keep you all posted in there ;)

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