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Bike Related Video Games


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Ok, simple Idea here, we're going to end up a definative full list of bike related video games by everyone here posting if they have anything to add. It can be trials (preferably), bmx, motocross or even a game that has a bike mini game or biking part to it. The set format for your posts is as follows...

Number) Game title - Type - Platform/Console - brief description - your rating out of ten

Here are some varying examples that I can think of...

1) Trials HD - Motorbike Trials - PC - State of the art physics engine, side view trials game, addictive - 8/10

2) Matt Hoffmans BMX - BMX (park) - PS1 - 3D Roaming BMX trickster in the style of the famous Tony Hawks Pro Skater series - 6/10

3) California Games - BMX (half pipe) - Snes - Old school half pipe and tricks, one of many games, side view, overly simple - 1/10

4) No Fear Downhill mountain biking - MTB (DH) - PS1 - Rear viewed racer, sloppy controls but good fun - 4/10

5) MX vs ATV - Motto cross - PS3 - MX part allows 3D roaming, dirt jumps allow rotation and tricks, race mode - 7/10

Please contribute all that you know to this list,

Thanks. Dave

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26" biketrial game - PC - side view biketrial game - java/flash style game

been on here loads of times as a repost pretty good 7/10


Also theres this flash game called 'Pedal of honor' which also biketrials but I havent played it in aaages so can't get a link.

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