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Bmx's ?


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I know that this isn't bmx forum but what is the best bmx to buy for up to £190?

I would recommend asking on BMX forum. In my opinion go for secondhand as £190 is not a lot. Alternatively a GT tour or vertigo should be good, they are strong and reliable, although a little heavy and the frames are quite small.

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I will have a look but I was looking for a new one really are haro or felt any good?

Felt are awful, the kind of bikes you might see 10 year olds spending hours pulling wheelies on! Not so sure about haro though.

Is there a problem with buying second hand then? there is often great deals out there if you have a look for yourself!

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Get your self on Pink bike some decent spec second hand bikes on there.

Avoid pinkbike, unless you want a pretty badly beaten cheapo BMX. As that's all I have seen on there, especially within your price range.

GET A WETHEPEOPLE i have 1 the best bmx i have ever had i love it so much ive spent ove £850 on it.


But he doesn't want to spend over £850 on it, does he?. No.

Although Eskimo is right, and this guy too to a certain extent. £300 will you get you a well specced WTP.

Push your budget by another £100 and then we're talking.

As above.

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if your quik cus i dont think they will be around for long at the price they re on winstanleys they have a premium sole which are usualy around the £300 mark but they have got a 2009 one on sale at £220, and with the extra money you could save it or get some bits for it, these are good bikes, i bmx and my mate use to have one and i would definatly recomend it.

have a look http://www.winstanleysbmx.com/product/1914...olo_S_Bike_2009

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