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Which 24" Tyres


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This indeed has been asked many a time.

You can get away with DMR tyres if you have good tubes.

I've got a big high roller on the rear and a schwalbe tabletop on the front, which is dead light.

If you want to do street, I might suggest a pair of DMRs.

If you want to do more trials, a rear kenda blue groove perhaps, and a front DMR

If you want to do mostly trials maybe get the smaller high roller, it comes in two sizes, and a DMR front.

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High Rollers and Blue Grooves are really heavy and slow rolling so depends what you want. If you're not doing natural I'd probably go for something like a Moto Digger or Holy Roller on the back and a Moto RT on the front. I've been running a 2.4 RT on the rear and 2.2 RT on the front for the past year or more and find them fine for everything except natural. They don't have much puncture protection but with 30 odd psi in them (and cheap ass Tesco tubes) I don't get that many flats...

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