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Re-build Bike Pics


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Hey guys i know this wont be a big thread but do any of you guys and gals have a pic your bike (when it was looking a bit shabby) and then another pic of it when it has been PIMPED and your most proud of it ill get some pics of my bike from now and after christmas when ive spent about £400 on her :P post away. pics and spec would be cool :)...... :)

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Wow another nice looking zona those bikes rely do clean up well good job mate :)

when ive finished my ZOO! it will have a furlo Green wheelset black spokes :) TNN rear pads a new front hope rotor and pads new 18t V!Z sprocket some Rockman riser bars :P a new rear maggie and i was toying with the idea of a new stem from my atomz to a Try-All and my echo cranks and VIZ BB to both Try-all :) but ill have to wait and see.

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It's not long since you were complaining how you didn't like you're Zoo and wanted a 20" / Mod. Instead of spending " £400 " on your zoo why don't you buy a Mod ?.. it's just a small idea. Cause if I wasn't happy with my bike due to the size and wanted a mod I wouldn't spend more money on it id sell it at a reasonable price not saying " £1200 spent" cause truth be told I don't think that many people care. I'm not trying to have a go, But it would be an idea to buy a mod seeing as you wernt happy with your Zoo.

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Dan6061's pwns all the above.

Does he still have that? If so then agreed.

I would post pictures of mine, but i'm lazy and there all the way in the Bike pics thread.

Echo lites tensiles etc etc...

Still got it, and still going strong!

When I first built it, which was before it got stolen:


And pretty much how it is now, although now the rear Magura is white, and it's a lot more scratched, and I don't have the booster on, and Trialtech bars:


I might get a more recent one...

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