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What Tyre Pressure Do You Run At?


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I always get punctures. I went for a ride on Sunday and I got one straight away, but ever since I pumped up my tyres a bit more they have not seemed to be popping as much; but annoyingly they still do. So I was wondering what tyre pressures do you run at front and back?

This would be great help to me :D



(P.S. this topic is vital to me, because i get like 10+ punctures every month! :( )

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I usually run about 17psi in front and rear, varies by what sort of mood i am in :P

To avoid punctures I from past experience believe it is so much down to what tube you run. I had a standard tube back in the day when I had an onza abd it popped all the time, but fitted a cheng shin more heavy duty type tube and in about a year or so have not had a single puncture!!! also it somehow made it feel bouncier. It may hurt your wallet now but in the long run it pays off to buy quality first!!!

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Dude, seriously...

This has been asked dozens of times, including a few times recently. At the end of the day though, tyre pressure is a very individual thing. What you need will depend on tyre/tube choice, terrain, style, rider weight and numerous other factors. If you're getting lots of flats try a thicker tyre or tube, or throw in a little extra pressure for good measure (Y)

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I only run about 15 psi in my back. Not sure i would if it wasn't for the tube, I started using these huge 20x4" monsters that seems to keep you rolling with very little air in them. Seem lots thicker too, haven't had a puncture since I started using them (maybe I'm not trying hard enough :P). They're heavy though.

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17psi with a conti rain king (normally 20psi with maxxis)

40 psi on my Inspired

Wow, I put about 25 in mine rain king and that feels bouncy, very comfortable tyre though, one of the best?

Why " :S "?

Exactly!! What was the point of this man? Do you want to get back to new members?

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