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Onza Ice Or Neon Bow


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onza are so much better, believe me

Well I'm convinced...

No one who has replied in this thread deserves validation due to fact that I can count the number of informative replies on one hand.

I don't have the bow, but I do ride a conquer, the 2008 frame. The geo isn't the same, as the bow is slightly longer at 1015mm Wheel base, and the BB rise is 10 mm higher, which I wouldn't mind upgrading to, but they are solid street rigs and I love mine to bits.

I haven't ridden the onza but I have seen it in the hands of a few good riders and quite a lot of people seem to have them, they seem quite popular.

Get yourself along to an upcoming ride and see if any one has one of the frame so you can test it out.

Onza Ice

Wheelbase: 1020mm

Chainstay Length: 350mm

BB Rise: 70mm

Head Angle: 72 degrees

Neon Bow

Wheel Base: 1015

Chainstay 350mm

BB Rise: 65mm

Head angle: 71.5mm

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the geo will be different on everyones bike, it only takes a different pair of forks or handle bars to make the bike completely different.

my bow is like a medium lenght bike really, i like it but it took me alot of getting used to coming from a frame that was less than 1000wb,

ive rode an ice once and it just felt like one of these long tgs frames to me, which im not a fan of.

basically everyone likes different things, so dont buy one just because someone says its the nicest bike they've ever ridden, i garantee when u build one up it wont feel anything like the other guys bikes.

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