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Yeah I saw that on the Tarty blog, easily the biggest rail lines I've ever seen! I was shocked to see those forks survive a hook, and then laughed when they snapped at the end. Sus forks really aren't built for hooks! But yeah I loved the guys style, one of the most interesting riders I've seen in a long time :)

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My that was epic. With so many good vids being posted in here recently I might even get back into riding.

I remember Brumotti from JIB, he seemed to be a pretty good rider back then and that wa 2003 or something.

This vid was pretty special, music worked great and almost seemed like it was tailor made to fit the vid. As for the riding itself - pretty epic stuff. Stylish too, not only the riding but also his dress.Looks like he just left a champagne party and only managed to put some jeans on.

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That stuff he was doing over that huge mountainous terrain was crazy. Curious to know what rear hub he's using, the hub shell looks like a KHE 135mm freecoaster.

i think its a gold chris king iso disc

the engagment on a geisha street would not be good enouugh for trials and in a couple of clips he pedals backwards

but i could be wrong because he isnt doing that many small hops

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