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Spoke Coming Loose


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Hi, I recently bought a new full build rim, when it came the spokes were loose so I put it to my local bike shop.

they were all nice and tight.

when I was riding today i realised they have come loose again what could be causing this??

spokes on new wheels always come loose in the first couple of rides because they arn't stretched yet, just go round your rim and tigheten all of your nipple up equally a little at a time or your rim will be out of true, remember aswell that your looking at the thread from underneath on the nipples so anti clockwise is to tighten

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Spokes don't stretch that much at all.

What people seem to forget to do when building wheels is to stress relieve the spokes. The spokes need to bend at a few points on a 3 cross wheel, usually whereever it encounters either another spoke, the hub flange and the nipple.

Have a read HERE, the legend that is Sheldon Brown (R.I.P)

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