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Looking For A Stiffer Stock Frame


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Hello all, I am a big fat dude who loves bikes. I have been learning trials on my 03 zoo boa for a couple of months now, and I think I need a stiffer ( and longer ) frame. On the boa I can flex the frame enough for the rear wheel to rub the chain stays. Hmmm. Unfortunately trials isn't that big in the 'States making it hard to find many choices. I have been looking at the '09 Zoo python because I can get it at a good price and the rear end looks stiff. I would appreciate any one chiming in with thier opinions on a good solid stiff stock frame, especially opinions on the Python. Any other large guys out there riding tials?

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i would recomend getting a 26 inch frame as they are bigger, dont no if they flex more though never had a bike do that to me but am light.

My Zoo Boa is a 26" ( stock ) frame. I like the way it rides, just a little to flexy for my size. I am looking for advice on a stock sized frame that is burly stiff for us big guys.

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The majority of modern frames these days would be likely to offer improved stiffness over a frame that old. I would particularly recommend an Ozony, I've been on two and both have been incredibly stiff and responsive bikes.

This has already been mentioned but the Python is a mod frame...

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Ok, I see the confusion, I said Python, but meant Piranha. Ooops. sorry 'bout that. thanks for the help guys!

The reason he advised getting a stock was because the Zoo Python you were talking about is a mod frame. Are you sure its the frame flexing, it could well be on that age frame and not the wheel itself?

oops, I meant Zoo Piranha. Sorry for the slip. Thats good advice about the wheel, but I'm pretty sure its the frame. I just put a brand new echo SL rim on front and back. The wheel is super burly. You can see the flex at the bottom bracket. I have inspected for cracks and the likes, but the frame still seems sound, just flexy. But to be fair, I am a really big guy. My mountian bikes are all super burly to withstand the punishment.

Here's a link the frame I am considering at the moment. The shop is only one state away from me, so the shipping is reasonable, and the price is really good.


Thanks again for your help and suggestions so far.

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