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Hope Disc Problem


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I've just fitted a new 203mm rotor to my front Hope brake. When I hold the brake on and move back and forth, it rocks. All the bolts are tight, but it looks as though the disc moves on the hub (which is a Hope). Anyone else had this issue or know of a fix?

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I am not familiar with hope disc brakes, but I have used many others on my Mountain bikes, and depending on how much movement you are talking about, you are probably just feeling the pads move. Most pads have some freeplay. For some reason I notice this more with 203mm rotors. Possibly its the extra leverage they have against the pads. On most of my bikes, its just enough freeplay to feel like a loose headset when you move the front tire back and forth with the front brake on. If you are feeling more movement than that, then you have a problem. If the movement only started after putting on a new / larger rotor, then maybe the pads were not put in properly or the rotors not torqued down.

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