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Stolen Onza Rip


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same bike that rab-shropshire put up.im his nephew so im posting this on new members chat because newbies might have seen it and as they can not read full members thing its good to put it up here.

its basicaly a white onza rip.just as you would buy it new but has some distinguishing features on it. first:its back brake lever is slitghly closer to the grips than it would be new,and the back brake will slip a little.it is the 2009 version.secondly:it has a very sharp grind on the back rim.its a little dirty on the frame,noticable cos it its white,and the grips are slightly torn and dirty at the side.thirdly:there is a sticker saying HeatSinkBikes.com on the top tube of the frame,it also has no reflectors on the pedals.it had a pretty loose chain too.

if you see absolutly =ANY ONZA RIP in Inverness , scotland then please either:contact me on this forum,my page or my email or contact the user: streetrider2k10

please tell me if you see an onmza rip with a heatsink sticker but no heatsink pads or a grind or any of these features,tell me where you saw it,or what address you saw it in. My mate will pass any information onto the police.

thank you very much for reading and if you help even better. :D

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i no this isnt advice, but u said some "obvious features like the brake lever being close to the grip..? :blink:

if you get a quikc glance your not going to look at the brake leaver really.

anyhow, hope you find, it. Good luck

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