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If You Could Send 3 Parts Back In Time...


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I made a topic like this about 3 years go, a lot has changed since then so it might be worth posting again.

It's mostly aimed at those who have been riding for over 6 years.

So, the question is - if you could send 3 bike parts back in time to the early days of your riding, what would they be? Let's say you'd actually have to buy these first.

For me it would be:

- A strong Deng 20" frame like a GU LE '10 or something similar

- Echo TR freeweel

- Magura HS33

Always had snapping frames, those ridiculous Shimano freewheels with a single oval spring which kept skipping and leaking brakes. It was a pain in the arse. Things have changed so much since then.

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Decent freewheels

everything else can stay as it is, mod frames are WAAAAAY overpriced nowadays, for example. Like f**k i'm spending £350 on a frame alone!

my tensile fw i bought 5 years ago lasted over 3 years.... and the 1 tensile fw i bought to replace it didnt even last a year :P

this is the effects of cutting costs/ the labour to make it and everyone wanting cheaper parts...

i say it costs what it costs, and its for a reason

cutting costs to compete with another manufacture obviously effects the quality ;)lol

toby xx

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Wide, strong rims - D521's were too narrow really

Modern geometry stock frames - Brisa's and Pashley's were crap geometry wise

Hope Mono Trial - Best front brake ever.

Hope Pro II also worth a mention, but Kings were about then even though I couldn't afford them.

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Both of those have been around since before most of the forum were born!

Yeah, but if I was sending them to, say, 14 year old me, there isn't a cat in hell's chance of me affording them otherwise :P I mainly sent back the expensive parts, lol.

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Echo SL freewheels. Best freewheel available on the market today (apart from maybe the Echo Ti, in that it's the same but lighter).

Trialtech Lite chains. Snapped so many Kools.

Deng's press fit BB, purely for the hopes that it could've caught on earlier and everyone could have stronger, better, lighter BBs.

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I'd bring the Echo scooped rims

Old (04/05) Zoo bars

and 05/06 Python frames into the future

Would only take the Trialtech Sport forged cranks back in time with me, Everything i've bought thats 07 or newer has been shit and broken almost instantly.

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Could i send back skills rather than bits? that thing where riders land on the front wheel first when gapping etc is the biggest change i've seen in trials since i started up again, no one did that years ago and it looks excellent.

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...and myself. Then I could use these and my modern day skills to blitz the comp scene and become madly famous.

Haha, liked that. So much has improved in the years...

I'd take back:

- no seats and low stand over frames

- horizonal dropouts and snail cams - the amount of mech and hangers i've f**ked, id be a lot richer now

- trialtech cranks (great and affordable)/trialtech in general, great set of products...

Front freewheels go without saying...I want one of the echo ones now :P

Steve-o x

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