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Bone Newb Wheel Size Question...


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Hi all,

I've dabbled in trials before, I did have an mid range Onza 20" for a few months that I really enjoyed riding until I had to flog it.

It felt pretty wierd riding 20" wheels normally being on 26 or bigger on mountain/road bikes, but the maneuverability was great! Anyways, I'm starting to look for a replacement, but I'm not sure what wheel size to look for. What I'm looking for is the confidence / skills to be able to hop up stuff, as I didn't get very far with that before! What wheel size would suit me most 20/24/26?

Cheers in advance...

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when i first got into to trials i started on a 20" onza t-vee (not the best thing going lol) and it was good, i enjoyed it, it was a good starter bike. Then i quite trials. a few months ago i decided to get back into it and got a 26" bike, it feels great and in just a few short months i can do everything i could and more. I don't know if thats because of the bike or because of me but i can say i like the feel of my 26".

So my advice would be find something you like and try it, likely hood is you'll get used to it.

Hope this helps and good luck :)


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