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My First Trials Bike - 03 Zoo Boa


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I Love mountain biking. I ride trails, freeride and downhill. But I have always wanted to try a trials bike. I finally saw a frame on Ebay and took the plunge. I love riding this thing! I am having a hard time learning to hop on the back wheel, but I am enjoying the learning process and love that I can practice right around the house. Its a great work out and the improved balance has transfered over to mountian biking. Ok, enough. Heres the bike.

03 Zoo Boa stock frame

Echo fork

Avid BB7 mechanical front brake

HS 33 rear with Echo Brake booster

Echo SL rims on Surly Single Speed hubs

White industries freewheel

Maxxis hookworm tires

Azonic DH bars on Ritchey stem

Race Face XC cranks with Blackspire Granny God bash ring and Stainless Steel chain ring

( had to modify cranks to get a good chainline)

Moe's trials Bottom Bracket



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looks good, what do the hook works grip like because im looking for some new tires to go on my 24 ?


They grip all things concrete and man made really well! They are a great street tire. They even work ok on packed dirt like at a jump park. Not bad at all.

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