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New Parts I Just Bought.


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I have just bought some new parts for my bike.

Forks - from Select bikes 1st class delivery

Front brake + little bits - Tarty bikes 1st class delivery

I would just like to no what they both are like for shipping stuff out, bought of tarty before and they were good. But never have of select.

reson I ask is because i would like the parts to come on the same day so i can get back riding asap.

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Assuming you mean you've ordered the stuff over the weekend, then we should be sending it out to you tomorrow unless there's an issue with your order. 1st class has something like a 92% chance of getting to you next day, so hopefully it'll be with you on Tuesday.

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They'll come as quick as royal fail can be bothered to deliver them. 1st class is usually within 48 hours depending on what time and day you've ordered them.

If you ordered today they'll be dealt with tomorrow morning and will probably arrive Tuesday.

EDIT: beaten to it :(

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