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Any Hints & Tips For A Beginner ?


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1. Ride ALOT. More than you think you need to.

2. Sort your bike out with some decent kit, tartybikes.co.uk

3. Ride with as many other people as possible, prefereably better than you

4. Watch alot of videos

5. Buy Tricks and stunts from halfords.

6. Learn the basics before you try too hard to go 'big'. Do things over and over again till you get them smooth, everytime. Then move on.

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Yeah i know what you mean :) i have Magura HS33 front and back and just got new cables the other day :) carbon braids man :P all i gotta do now is get my rims built up get them stuck on then am gonna take it to the lakes with me and don a bit of practice while am not on my MTB :D

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