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Printer I Need A New One.


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I need a new printer because my one is shit. I want one that prints, scans and photo copies. Ideally I don't want to spend over £100. Separate inks would be good too. I'm after something that's decent quality. I'll probably be using it to print pictures of damaged cars mostly. I've spotted this bad boy http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/epson-stylus-office-bx300f-multifunction-inkjet-printer-01566412-pdt.html It seems like a good deal to me but I don't know f**k all about them really. Anyone out there got any advice for me? Offer me some suggestions please. Thanks chaps.

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When one of our printers packed up at work we needed to buy another ASAP so I popped into PC World and bought a model down from this, it was about £70-80 at the time.

It does what it says on the tin, but if you're going to be using it heavily then I'd recommend expanding your budget and going for a HP in the £100-£150 bracket. The printer I bought was amazingly loud, drinks the ink and is slow on everything (scanning and printing).

I find that printers are a bit of a con - they look cheap on paper but when you consider the ink costs they're through the roof. The inks don't last long at all, especially with photo printing and it boils down to it that about 2 or 3 ink refils will be more than the value of the printer itself.

I consider HP to be the best brand out there and I'd recommend them anytime for both home and busines; if you want quality in both print and mechanics then unfortunately you do have to pay a bit more for it. By all means this will do most small jobs, however I'd expect to be replacing it within the year by either breakdown or getting pissed off with the high ink costs. Keep in mind that some printers do not include inks so you'll have to pay another £30 on top to use it...although I do believe most of the Epson range comes with cartridges, but double check.

You could purchase the knock off ink cartridges depending on your needs, but again in my experience these tend to be utter shite - they're cheap for a reason!

I can have a look tomorrow in a few catalogues we have for your current budget, ill also quote for an additional £50.

Edit: Also its worth noting that I don't think these printers come with a USB cable. PC World charge £9.99 for a cable, for the love of f**k don't buy it - most small computer shops will sell you one for about £2 if that, and if you can't find one for that price give me a shout and I'll pop one in the post.

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Epsom printers are very good, as are Hp for consumer price/level printers. In the £70-£120 price bracket there isn't a huge amount of difference between any of them. If you can try and buy a printer with seperate black, cyan, yellow and magenta cartridges rather than all in one - your ink will go a lot further.

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Personal preference I guess, I've had a couple of Epsons and never really got on with them - they sure do the job, but I just find the quality of them to be piss poor, the lower end range I think are just disposable printers.

We've had 2 HP Laserjet printers here, each one networked to about 5 users and constantly printing out orders, invoices and such. Each one is about 5 years old and still going very strong - they're indestructable! However document printing and photo printing are worlds apart.

All in all, as originally mentioned, I'd up the budget a wee bit and I'm sure you'll be glad you did.

I found this which looks pretty good - a nice saving on it too! I can't be arsed finding cartridges but they're probably about £10 each or something, you'll save money buying in a bundle though.

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Thanks very much for the advice chaps. I'm not too worried about using the ink up. I'll hardly use the printer and I'm planning on filling the inks myself. My dad rents a unit to a sign printers and they have huge bottles of ink. That's the reason I wanted separate cartridges.

I'm not fussed on things like wireless and memory card readers. Noise doesn't bother me either. Its only going to be for one off jobs really it will hardly ever get used. That's why the Epson one from PC world is winning the battle for me right now.

Anzo, thanks for the USB cable advice I've got one for my original printer so I'll just switch that over.

Thanks again lads and keep the advice coming.

That HP one from play.com could sway me although its a bit more than I wanted to pay. looks like it comes with separate ink's and looks pretty good.

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