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Lincoln - Or Near


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Im stopping with one of few people on this forum I love, but hes at work both days, ive allready found me some sexy time fun but on the sat and sunday during the days id like to have a hop about and stuff,

not sure where there is to ride and who rides local but someone give me a shout on here or pm me a ride and ill sort it out with you, be good to meet some new people and have some fun, been having physio on the wrist so hopefully the fact my wrist is borken shouldent matter lmao


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Is it me Cockleshot, or do you constantly have broken wrists? :L

same wrist, my problem is im waiting for an op, my other more worrying problem is than because its a clean brake but one half (as you would call it) dosent have a blood supply to it, the good half keeps trying to join to it on one corner but when it dose and I go out on the bike and say like last weekend I bail and put my hand on a wall to stop my self from eating dirt I tend to re brake it and it hurst like f**k, that seems to happen every other weekend :ermm:

quite a few of us ride lincoln on saturdays and sundays ..... im sure me and ogre can sort you out dude

Yeah thats sound, ive got one or two people Im trying to meet while im down there, but its more sat and sunday id like too just have something to do lol,

can ride in most weathers but if its being a se'unt like it is today ill follow my dick around.

someone wants to add me to msn or give me a pm on here, or if not ill try sort it out thursday/friday night out on ogres msn....

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