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European Biketrial Champs - Andorra


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I was speaking to Stuart Matthews yesterday, he is the British EBU delegate and he tells me the European BikeTrial Championship in Andorra (22-23 May) has been cancelled. The organisers of the trial had not signed an agreement with the EBU and the final deadline has now past. It is now too late for an alternative event this year.

The three round European Cup Championship trials are not affected and will take place as advertised and there is of course still the World Biketrial Championship this year.

Dave Bradley

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Hope to see you all in Sweden next year instead.

The European Biketrial Championship 2011 will be organized in Björkvik the 4th and 5th of June.

It´s pretty close from the Skavsta airport which Ryan air uses. More info will be availible soon.

We will not cancel.

Whish you a great season and hope to meet some of you at the Worlds in Spain and Italy.


Roger Bäckgren

Biketrial Sweden

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