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Brewer, Dickey And I Backyard


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I keep meaning to grab some pallets from work and start setting myself something up but always forget!

Very nice riding, Anybody who comes along and posts a video of that caliber deserves a vote from me :)

EDIT: Final vote, you're validated

Welcome to the forum dude :)

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Cheers guys!

the setup is probably the best thing I've ridden that is so compact, you can do just about anything on it.

I only have a couple of clips in it (the rail to the box then kicker to rail drop) but really I belong behind the camera more haha

How long you been riding for?

I've not thought about making a backyard setup. hard to do? worth it?

we've all been riding about 10 or so years now. Definitely worth it. Dickey built it all with wood from work as he's a carpenter, and it's pretty damn well done. Everything is level and solid.

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